Sunday, June 24, 2012

KL Marathon 2012

So, I finally went to this marathon alone again, fanshu and cutebanana is flying me airplane as expected. I finished the race in 1hr27minutes, quite a poor record. Few factors, I can think of.

First, I haven't been practicing much this time, I only started since a month ago and I know it is insufficient.

Second, I didn't sleep since yesterday and go straight to the marathon. Yesterday was a busy day and I reach home around 12 midnight and after settling all the things, I start to lay down on the bed around 1 am and I just can't get myself sleep. Didn't know whether I slept or not, but 4.30am I start to prepare myself to go for the run.

Anyway, the main reason is that my left leg KOed at 9km and I finished the balance 1.6km by walking only. Seeing all those lenlui running passing by me make me want to cry T.T, and my sweat is helping me to cover my hurt heart, and not to mention a almost 60+ aunty potong me at around 10km T.T

Talking about my left leg, I only remember when I was young, very young that time, I believe is around primary school, I got a very bad fall down and I hurt my leg. And after that incident, when I stand up from the squat position, my left leg will make some sound. And I make it worse after running for 21km marathon last few years. Since then, my left leg always giving me problem.

My next race will the King of the Road on Sept. I think I will skip this one first. Need to monitor my left leg first before I go for another run.

By the way, yesterday is the dumpling festival and hope it is not too late to wish everyone a happy dumpling day.