Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google I/O 2012

It's just over, and hello Jelly Bean, hello Nexus 7, hello Nexus Q, hello Project Glass, hello offline maps, and hello Android's Chrome.

I personally are more excited toward Nexus 7 and offline maps. An USD199 tablet with latest hardware is kinda attractive to gadget mania like us. Offline maps is actually the most environment friendly design, at least it save some power to connect to the server to download maps info over the 3G or LTE. Now the phone battery can eventually last more longer if you are road blind like me.

Look at these big IT player, Google, Apple and Microsoft, they are non-stop giving us waves of new ideas and products. I believe they can't stop, unless they planning to close down their operation and go back kampung to plant banana.

So thanks to them for all the ideas and also sucking our hard earn money for their hard works.