Monday, April 16, 2012

The test is over.

Recently Nokia announced that their smartphone beta test is over. They even claimed that if you start using smartphone since 2007, you are part of the white mice.

I was once impressed with what Nokia has created, no doubt that they have created a fantastic Symbian OS, but they didn't improve it and Symbian has been used as monkey making machine. In year 2010, I bought N97 mini and X6, and I really wish that I had spend more money on an Android phone, or even an iPhone. What is the point if you carrying a so called smartphone but it can only tell you that your phone memory is low and asking you to close some applications whenever you tried to launch an application. With that price of the phone, it doesn't tally with the hardware and software that you are expecting.

I saw Symbian market share dropped from 70% until few percent, and now they tell you that, hey, don't worry, our tests are ended and you can start buying our phone again. What an irresponsible statement made by a giant phone manufacture. Look back the history, when the Symbian OS got to the bottleneck, they open it and called it Symbian^3, then they kill Symbian and call the descendant Bella, then they launch N9 which is the only phone that using Meego, then they kill Meego. After that they launch Lumia and now they tell that Lumia 900 is the real smartphone created from all these tests. They have keep on using the consumers as their phone testers!

Sorry to tell you that I don't buy this idea, and in my eyes, Nokia is only an irresponsible mobile manufacturer, they are failing, and they will end very soon with this kind of attitude. Nokia will be permanently erased from my list of phone manufacturer.

Since the test is over, so do you Nokia. You may rest in peace now.