Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Lynas

A lot of politicians forgot that government should work for people and not the other way round. So far I don't really care whether are we ruled by a bunch of morons, how these morons made themselves rich, or are we going to bankrupt or not. For me, it make us pissed with these morons politicians running the country. But today we are really angry, our government has sold our life, our future and our mother nature for their wealthness.

What is the use of a government if they are risking the human life for their own pocket? There shall not be even a single reason why the government should accept the Lynas project. Whoever allowed this to happen shall be centenced to death. If our laws have maximum punishment to the drug trafficking, then our laws shall impose the same punishment to those trafficking radioactive waste into our country. The impact from Lynas project is much more worst than drug. But today these politicians never get any punishment, they don't even want to accept the people's voices, and they still act like a king of this piece of land.

This blog is nothing to do with politics, it's about million of human life that have been traded for the Lynas project. The people of this piece of land deserve a liveable environment and that is our basic rights.

For all Malaysian, please wake up, let's use our next election to speak for us. I don't mind if we are ruled by a bunch of monkeys or donkeys as long as they don't do something harmful to risk our life.

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