Sunday, October 16, 2011

Canon Photo Marathon

I suppose to post this yesterday night, but I just don't have enough energy to move my finger, so I post it a day later.

After missed the event for the pass two years due to work, finally this year I managed to attend the event with my shuttermate. We all start with full of energy and "sure win" spirit. Well, sometime become photographer is not that as easy as camera owner. We end out with very miserable look. Without much experience and skill, I took tonne of crap photos, but the fire in my heart will never extinguished.

After looking at my crap photos on my PC, I got no face to upload it, so I only choose an easy group photo to share with you all.

Looking forward to next year event and hope within this year, we all can practice our skill so that we can take less crap photos next time.