Monday, September 05, 2011

Unfortunately, that day has come

What's hot nowadays? Owning an Android phone or an iPhone? The collapse of the market? The Bersih? Or the resignation?

The most famous resignation is none but the resignation of Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs. I personally have to respect and salute him for his talents and hardworking in bringing the Apple to the world. We all are going to miss this genius.

So, if my post ended here, I believe it will be too short for the day. Ya, finally I have decided to resign from my current company after 10 years of service.

It's not a sudden decision and also not planned. It's just happen that it is time for me to leave this company. The total number of staffs that resigned since beginning of the year is near to 20 people, and mostly are those working for more than 5 years, some reached 25 years of service. The totals of year of service add up to about 200 years, which mean average of year of service is around 10 years.

I totally agreed that whenever there is a change in the management, there will be someone resigned. But, I believe this series of resign is not because of people reluctant to change to accept new management, everyone will agreed with me that, we can’t see our future in this company anymore. Maybe I am a lousy management people, because I don’t know and I can’t see any action or planning to look for income to the company. With current overhead, I don’t think it can last long if there is no positive income in short time, which I really see none.

I can still stay in this company, if I want, to enjoy task-less salary, play facebook’s game, drink tea at mamak, watch movie. But as I said, working is part of my hobby, sitting and doing these unproductive actions will only wasting my life.

It’s really sad to see it end like this, but unfortunately, that day has come. Therefore it’s time for me to leave to search for better future.

I will not miss this company, but it will be remembered.