Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's end of 2009

It’s going to be 2010 soon, and I start writing this since a week before that cause too free at home. Ok, 2009 is going to be history soon, and 2010 is a new tomorrow. Every New Year eve, I will spend some time to write something about myself and conclude the year.

This year is quite a special year for me, as you all know I finally upgrade my status from single to married :) after 11 years relation marathon.

Back to year 2006 New Year eve, I’m alone in the office preparing my thesis and until I so down and depress so I went to Ikea alone to get myself two units of Billy bookshelves to cheer up myself. Well, the bookshelves are still standing still in my house.

Then in year 2007, one of the busiest year for me but the reward is very disappointed. Anyway, it’s history already. I still failed to change my status that year even though I had tried my best to do it. And last year, again I’m failed to change my status. But I bought myself a SLR ^.^

Ok, this year is year 2009, how I going to conclude this year.

First, most important and most proud of me is I finally married the girl I love after 11 years :) on 12 Dec. Finally I don’t need hide from my colleagues anymore when they ask me about when to get marry, no need to take angpao anymore. But now they start to push me to get myself a siu siu kion -.- (You thought I don’t want meh, have to ask my wife permission also mah).

About career, as usual, not much of improvement, still continues the two stupid projects. No sure this year got bonus or not, God please give me strength to continue :p

Some unlucky things happen to my family but luckily enough that it is not that worst. Hope next year will be a better year.

I managed to go to the other side of the earth this year with brother Jamie, ^.^ lucky. Visit to New York and it is a wonderful trip. I wish I can bring my wife to go there again. Then, thanks to fanshue for all the hard work and let me go to Finland and Paris. Finland is a very quiet place, not much building and activity to do. Paris on the other hand is very beautiful and exciting city, although I only had 1/2 day walking around the Paris but it’s very enjoyable. Once again, I wish I can go there again with someone I love.

And on Sept., finally fly to Taiwan with my colleagues for 8 days and I love Taiwan, I love the scenery, the environment and the people, especially the lenlui ^.^ We finish 1/2 of the Taiwan and crossing from west to east through the most wonderful and adventures mountains’ road. I hope we can finish the second part of Taiwan in near future.

Time pass tremendously fast this year, I wish I can slow it down but too bad it just ignore my request. I travel a lot this year and I think I had spent more than 1/3 of my time at oversea. Every time when I return to Bolehland, I was just so excited to see the green trees and rain. Really, there is no other place like returning to home; no matter how wonderful is the world out there.

Ok, then what are my New Year wishes?

First, I wish to become a good husband.

Second, I wish continue to become the sohai and let you all continue laugh at my stupidity.

Third, I wish I can pick up the dream that I left some years ago.

Ok, nothing will be done if I continue sitting here and writing about the New Year. So, happy New Year and good luck to you all. Cheer!