Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Engineer = freak?

Quote from Dilbert comic strip,

You're an engineer, everything you say is abnormal.

I'm not sure how true is this statement, if it's not 100% true, then I think it should not less than 90% :)

Engineer is like detective, we talk based on logic and facts, and sometime we are magician, whether to hide the truth or to amuse the client is not part of this discussion. Therefore, the manager look at us like freak, abnormal person, cause they never know what are we talking about.

We don't know how tell the manger about the thermodynamic, PID control, Reynolds number, Kirchoff's law, etc. For them, how can a person only talk about numbers and dead peoples name can consider normal. A normal person shall talk about money, cars, womens, watches, pub, drink, etc.

The different between an engineer and the manager is that engineer don't lie but manager did.

And don't lie didn't mean will tell the tru :)