Sunday, May 18, 2008


Visited to Brunei last week and nothing much I can show since it's a business trip. Only took the panorama photo in front of the hotel.

What I can say about Brunei? I think I would like to use the word WASTED.

According to wiki, the Sultan owned 531 Mercedes Benzs, 367 Ferraris, 362 Bentleys, 185 BMWs, 177 Jaguars, 160 Porsches, 130 Rolls-Royces, and 20 Lamborghinis (reported on 26 Oct. 2007). Ok, what the fuck, almost 2000 cars. I don't know how much is the cost of these cars but I know I can't even own one of these for the rest of my life.

Some more,

... the sultan has a Boeing 747-400 furnished with gold plated furniture, and
his official residence is the Istana Nurul Iman, with 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, and a floor area of 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 m²), undisputedly the world's largest palace.

Is Brunei people rich? I doubt that. If the king is so rich, why can’t he make their country and the peoples rich? After listen to one of the contractor, I think I understand why. In order to control your man, make them happy and don't give too much.

Sound familiar? Ya, I’m working in this kind of company. I'm freely running around, the salary wouldn't make me hunger nor make me rich. And it's dangerous actually. Too much of spoon feeding make you lost of native skill to fight the world.

Anyway, it's a nice trip, hope next time I can go to the “Brunei bay” and take some photos for you all.