Saturday, January 12, 2008

Have you found your dream job?

When I still in school time, I used to do part-time job when holiday. Most of the time, these part-time jobs are very short period, the longest part-time job is when waiting for SPM and STPM result, therefore there is nothing much joy working as a part-timer. Everyday we just go to the so called working place then waiting for lunch and then go home. Every month we check the saving account and there is some among of money that "appear" as a payment for our time. It is happy when people willing to buy our time, since time is not a very valuable item, as least at that time.

I still remember when I submitting my resignation letter, my superior asked me whether I'm happy working with the company. Like of most the people, part-time job is to get more pocket money, and we don't really care whether the job is suitable or the environment is suitable for us. The fact is that, we don't have much choice when we still wearing school uniform. Therefore, my standard answer is yes, whether is true or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Once we getting into working life, it's become different. We are searching for our dream job,

i. high paid
ii. high post
iii. low working load
iv. low responsibility
v. good company benefit
vi. comfort working environment

it is hard to get all these in a single company, therefore, some people choose to change job and wishing the next job is the last stop. But at the end, there will keep on changing job because "changing" job is the only dream job. Most of the people have very funny mind that other people's thing is always better than themselves. The simplest analogy with be why people's girl friend is always prettier than ours :).

Talk about myself, is this my dream job? Will it be the last stop? I have no confident on the answer "yes".

Then why I'm still here? This company is the not the best; it's also not the worst. However, the earth is turning everyday, therefore man will not stay in one place forever, time will come and I will leave someday.

Where is my last stop? When I can tell my children about my working story then I think that is the last stop. Until today, I still didn’t told my family about my working, and I think none of us can actually do it.

It’s New Year time, a good time to look for new environment and new hope. Hope you can get your dream job soon.