Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apa awak mahu lagi?

Me and most of the Bolehlander will never forget of what our newspaper put the similar title after the GE. So, what else you want? Its a frustrated question, lost communication, unsatisfied, and all those negative expressions. Basically, I am not asking the question, but I am answering it.

I had tried to post some blog since last few months, there are plenty of thoughts in my mind that I want to share with the world. But I just don't have time and correct timing to write it. This week is a long weekend for most of the people, but not for me, I got tonnes of works that I need to finish in coming week. Anyway, I just try to pamper myself to have some rest before I start to move forward.

Ok, so I have been working alone for almost 2 months, so far I still able to survive. Thanks to those friends that help me by giving me some jobs to start with, it is not a big amount, but at least I can survive with it. My time basically becomes very unpredictable, sometimes I may work at home for the whole day, and sometimes I went out to do work until late night. Sometimes these effort gives you rewards, sometimes it is just a free service. I actually start to calculate whether I am richer if I work as boss or I work as staff, and I start to value my daily rate. Those figures just slap my face. I even start to ask myself, am I insane? But I always know what I am doing, and I know my destination.

I know I will be an engineer since I was very young, and I'm happy that I manage to train myself an engineer. Now, my second question is what else I want?

I had watched the Astro documentation, its call Our Land 大地, it is about the life of Bolehland's farmers. After I saw these episodes I have to respect these farmers in holding their principle and when you look at them, are they rich? Why they are so happy with their work? It is actually very difficult to define rich, it is actually an analogy to saying very cool in physics. We all know cool is neither an energy nor a physics term, it is just a feeling; same to rich, how to define it? By money? Then how much of money is call rich? As rich as Ananda Kristnam, or as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett?

When you watch those videos, you start to appreciate that money don't determine everything. Basically passion give you the energy to move forward, and the item that make you happy is not money, it is the result of what you had work on. A successful result moves you further, however a fall makes you stronger. If you ask what these farmers want, they will tell you, let them continue do what they are doing now.

So, now you know what I want? I just want to continue provide my expertise to the world, earn some money for my family, watch my daughters grow up to be a useful person to this world. Basically, these are what I want. I do not need to be very rich, but I hope that with my hands, I do not need to worry basic needs. I don't need to be like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, I just want to be an engineer that can help to bring a better life to this world.

So, apa awak mahu lagi?