Monday, September 17, 2012

Dinstein talk about feng shui

Lot of people don't believe in feng shui, some thought they are superstition, and against their religion. First of all, I need to make it clear that I'm a free thinker and secondly I'm an engineer that believe in facts and figures.

Long long time ago, Chinese people observe their surrounding and come out with many knowledge and one of them is feng shui. Initially, it is used as a guideline to tell people what is bad or dangerous way of constructing houses and what is the correct way to build a better houses. Feng in Chinese mean wind and shui mean water, so it is all about the air circulation and water supply which is very important to health. When the resident in the house got better health, then their life will get better, that is what original feng shui is used for.

There are few examples that I can share with you all about original feng shui.

First, if there is a big tree in front of your house, it is bad. Why? Because there is a risk of tree fell onto the house, moreover last time all the houses are made from wood, therefore once the tree is fell onto it, the people inside the house mostly will get hurt. However, now when people see lighting pole in front of their house also consider bad feng shui. For me, I can't say it is free from risk but the chances is much much lower.

Second example, beam above bed is bad for health. Again it is due to risk of beam fall off and hit the people that is sleeping under it. So, please don't tell me that the concrete beam will fall off in 21st century. But again, I can't say the risk is zero but it is very slim it will happen.

Another famous fung shui myth is that house build at T-junction is bad. The real reasons behind this are because the light from the car shinning on the house almost 24 hours a days is really bad for health for the resident in the house, and the second reason is the risk of sleeping driver ran into the house just like the following photo.

If you asking me do I believe in feng shui, then I can only tell you depend of what kind of feng shui you are telling me. If you asking me to move my toilet just to have good feng shui, then it is a no for me. But if you telling me something more logical facts, then yes. So, thinking before you accept any advice from anyone, not all are truth and not all are false.