Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011

Yesterday night I finally completed my very first marathon of this year after one year of rest. It’s a nice event but with a very lousy organiser.

First, the organiser didn’t inform us that we need to pay for the parking. I don’t mind to pay the parking if they mention early that the parking is not free. Luckily I bring some cash with me or else I’d to let my car summon by traffic police. And guess how much is the parking. RM10!

Ok, then I met Norie and her boy friend. Well, she don’t want to be runner that night, cause she want become photographer with no zoom lens and tripod. Only chit-chat with her for a while and we keep complain the stupid funshue for not attending this event because of his ex Smile with tongue out

To get into the race circuit, we need to pass through a tunnel. Ok, that’s a nightmare. Imaging few hundred sweating people and line up in the tunnel Confused smile

Once I come out from the tunnel, I see people robbing the flash light from the box. No organiser people is there to distribute the flashlight. Anyone just grab whatever amount of flash light they want. What a none organised organiser is that. So I took one from the box and run quickly out because the flashlight boxes are just threw in front of the tunnel exit. What irresponsible organiser is that.

After walking around the carnival area for a while I went to the pit stop where the starting point of the race. The start is nice when everyone start to light up their flash light, you can see thousand of red/white dots reflected on the mirrors.

The race start from 42km, follow by 21km, 11km and 5km. 11km runner is the biggest group of the running category, I believe that is the most optimize distant that most of the human can do.

So the race started, and I run slowly because I don’t want to hurt my injured leg. I run for quite some distance and I still not yet see any drinking station. That make me puzzle, cause there suppose to have drinking station every 2-3km, but I have run more than 1/2 hour and I only saw a medical station. The drinking station on appear after 4km. Ok, the stupid organiser removed one of the drinking station. What the fuck!

After the first round, I can start feeling my leg is start complaining Confused smile and my speed getting slower and slower. The last 3km I almost can walk only cause my left knee is K.O. But luckily I still able to finish it in 1 hour and 30 minutes. 10 minutes more than my expectation.

Basically you just need to run and go pick your goodies bag and go home. The organiser don’t really tell you that you have finished your race. What an unorganised organiser.

The best part is, because lack of man power, it takes years to distribute the goodies bag. So, guess what, they throw the goodies bag to everyone. Everyone pushing around. Suddenly, I start to respect Japanese. Even after the worst earthquake they still queuing to get their food. But us, robbing, pushing, yelling to get a stupid goodies bag. I believe our education got serious problems. We really need to revise the education method to educate our children.

Picture from facebook user

Finally I get my goodies bag after pushing by everyone behind and once I got my bag, I walk direct to get my car cause I don’t want to jam to get out from the car park.

Ok, my conclusion, I’d participate Energizer Night Race 2010 and It is a very organized race, but for 2011, I believe that is the worst race I ever attended. Ya, a great event but organised by a joker organiser, I hope next year race can be organized by a more professional organiser instead by a joker.