Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honey, I'm home

I have been staying at the Dustyland for about 1 month, and finally I'm going home today, few days earlier than the scheduled date because to put red carpet to welcome the orang utan to see the trees. Pity those haiwan that they seldom got chance to see tree. The biggest tree and most famous tree in the Dustyland is not even bigger than the lalang behind my house.

Ok, forget about those stupid thing, I'm going home today.

It's summer now, the temperature is very unreasonable. Most of the time, it can reach around 45 degree C at noon. The heat can cook you if you stand under the sun for more than 1/2 hours. Sometime, I see those workers working under the sun, I have to respect them. They are tough. If everyone can choose, no one willing to work under the sun, and no body will to work away from home (I'm not sure about some people, but me definitely hope can have more time with my love one).

But no willing and responsibility is totally two different creature. No body willing to be sent to war, but as an army, their responsibility is there to protect the country. I'm not army, but I clearly know my responsibility. Chinese idiom said take people's money, solve people's problem. I follow this rule.

Will stay at Bolehland for 2-3 weeks before come back to the Dustyland. Feel grateful that there is a group of friends that work hard to end this nightmare together. Without these heroes/sheroes, I believe my life in this piece of desert will be miserable. And have to thanks my wife for understanding my works. I wish I can have more time for her after this nightmare ended.

Ok, boarding time.

Honey, I'm back ^^