Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thought of the day

Last few weeks, just manage to get some time to have dinner with my friend, which is previously my control subcontractor’s, or a better name SI (system integrator), staff. Now he is a manager of a control company, and I’m still an engineer T_T.

Ok, back to today topic.

When we talk about the young engineers, we got same point of view, what are these engineers thinking? Why they are so like tat? If you don’t understand what I’m tried to say, maybe the following example can make it clear.

When I was an young engineer (getting old already T_T), when I see a cable in the panel, I will go to check the drawing, read manual, buy a cutter and screwdriver and connect the cable.

So what young engineer will do it they see the same cable?

They will say “I don’t know. When can you finish the installation?”

So do you know what I’m tried to explain?

First of all, I’m not promoting and hard sell myself through this blog, cause I don’t need to do that. Secondly, don’t read me wrong, I’m not cocky. And if you thinking I’m cocky, then I would like to apology to you for doing that on you, cause I’m pissed sometime.

I would like to emphasize here that I’m graduate from local university not Oxford, I eat mix rice like you all do, I watch pirated movies also, and I also have 24 hours. Then what make us different?

In Taiwan, there is new term used to describe young generation, especially 80’s, which have good external look, but unable to withstand in working environment. They called it 草莓族 (strawberry group). My sister told me that some of her primary school student does not know how to open a door, cause their “kakak” or maid do it for them. I think that the main reason why this group exists.

My SI told me that I must teach my junior in order for them to catch up my job. But I want to tell everyone that, I don’t keep my knowledge to myself and I willing to teach. However, please don’t come and ask me how to count 1+1 or what is a relay. I’m an engineer not a school teacher; I do not know how to continue if your foundation is still at primary school level.

There is a very famous quote from Internet,

If I cook for you, then you only got 1 meal; but if you learn how to cook, you will not be hunger anymore.
But now these youngsters will ask you to feed them to eat after you have cooked the meal. What the fuck! God please help me.

Footnote: to all young engineers, there is no shortcut to make you a genius. Read, think and apply is the only correct way to lead you to the engineering path.