Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bahrian 101

Landed at Bahrian airport since last Friday night. Today is 5th day in Bahrian, still can't say I'm familiar with this place, but I think I can give some offhand information to everyone.

The first thing I would like to say is the currency. Ok, here everything look like very "cheap" cause it only cost you few (1-2) Bahrian Dinar. So if you think, it is cheap then you are death meat. The exchange rate is about RM10 to 1 BD. So be careful when you take out your money. If you willing to give BD1 as tip, please give it to me.

Weather here is hot and humid in summer time (April to Oct), then after October the weather will be as nice as Cameron Highland. I hope it's true.

House / villa is huge. The toilet itself is bigger than my master bed room. Rental is about BD1.5k to BD2k per month. I wish I can own one of these villas that I have visited. The villa that my company rented is near to beach and got big swimming poor and club house. I hope Toh and Ms Chung will enjoy their life there :p (sure Jenson will be jealous.)

Ok, talking about telecommunication. My Maxis friend told me that roaming in middle east is far more expensive than in Europe. So better bring additional phone and get a local phone if possible. Once you get the local mobile phone, the second thing is Internet. Yes, how can an engineer live without access to the Internet. All work will stop if the Internet is not available. I had tried the hotel Internet service and believe me I will never use the hotel internet again if I come here again. BD12 per 24 hours. Better than rob some more the speed is slow.

What I suggest is try to get a Batelco mobile Internet. You can purchase the modem (BD72) and get a 1G data package cost BD10 and BD5 for registration. Or you can try to get the sim without the modem. I haven't try that option but I think you can just plug the sim into your 3G mobile phone and use the phone as modem. You can try with 50m data package first which cost BD2 (you still need to pay the registration fee BD5).

Then regarding meal. Just prepare yourself for expensive food. The food is around BD2-3 per meal. So for those who plan to stay here longer, just try to get some cans food and try to learn how to cook. It will help to maintain your vitamin M in Bahrian.

The taxi service is another factor to reduce your vitamin M. There is nothing less that BD5 once you get into the taxi. Try to get a car, an Estima 8 seater only BD5k, I wish I can own one and fetching the girls around. Ok, talk about girl, most of the time you can only see girl that only showing their two eyes. Sometime, you can see some Arabian girl face and believe me they are much pretty than your thought. So for those single, you may try to get an Arabian girl, what you sacrifice is a thin layer of skin from your litter brother :)

Will leaving tomorrow, will coming back soon and will fly here very frequent next year.