Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye year 2007 :_(

It's year end again. I still remember last year I was struggling to finish my study and I bought 2 bookshelf from Ikia using my best car.

For me 2007 is not a very good year and luckily it's also not very bad.


Well 2007 year is one of the most busiest year. I start with five main projects in hand and until today I still have two and it will going to finish soon. Too bad to said that the reward is less than the contribution :_|. I hope it will be better next year.


Ok, I had promised everyone that I will give everyone summon this year and I still failed to do that :_|. The fortuneteller had told me that I will getting married on year 2008. I hope he is correct :)


No much problem just getting old. After not taking MC for so many years, finally I utilized one this year ;). Start to have some old man symptoms like back pain. And just for your information, don't worry about my litter brother, still strong like last 10 years, wah ha ha ha...


Money is always not enough especially when you didn't get mid year bonus/increment :). Maybe will try to find a new high paid job :).

As for conclusion, year 2007 is not on my side but it's also not too bad for me. Hope 2008 year will be more better and wish all my dreams come true next year.

Happy new year everyone!