Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thought of day

My life become indirection nowadays. I don't know whether now I'm working for money or working for fun. Should I put more effort and initiative and creativity in my project or I just do what ever inside the book.

I never forget I'm electronics engineer and my dream is to create my own gadget. And I have to agreed with my girl that engineer are lazy, especially electronics engineer. They try to automate everything, including switching on the light. But we just want to cover the truth and said, we, the engineers, create a better life :)

Now the question come, do I still need to spent my time for the creativity in my job so that I can have fun meanwhile I don't have my personal time. Or I just go back at 6PM and do what ever described in the boring procedure.

If I put more effort in my job, will I be awarded or will I making myself look like a stupid idiot. What is the meaning of becoming an engineer if you only follow the stupid procedure.

What is the different between the engineer and technician? Sometime I hope I can be the technician because most of them are richer than engineer. And they can say "I don't know" and pass the ball back to the engineer.

Maybe I start feeling tire and I really need a good rest.

Maybe I should leave this job and start my own career.

I should built my better world for myself.