Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thought of the day

I used to be a workaholic, but I think I found that ideology is 100% wrong. I admit I'm wrong to be workaholic because after so many years of being sohai, and I start to realize that actually a company or corporate doesn't need workaholic worker. They don't want you to be welcome when you enter office, they don't want you to feel comfort when you work, they hate it when you feel you are part of the company. Seriously, they actually want you to feel it is like at war when you enter office, your colleagues are actually your enemies. Why they want to create such environment?

I believe the answer is very simple. Lets imaging you got 100 slaves working under you, you give them just enough food so that they wouldn't die at the first place, then they also wouldn't have sufficient energy to do the prison break. Now, if all of the slaves are united, what you think it will happen? Reformation! So, to avoid this incident to happen, you need to create an environment so that those slaves are fighting each other, and as a management to these slaves, you are definitely safe as long as those slaves keep on using their extra energy to fight with each other.

Well, don't get me wrong about workaholic thing. I'm an engineer, I love to become engineer. As I'd told you, engineering is not a career, it's a hobby. As a technology and science lover, working freedom will unleash our full power to the max. I read about the history of mankind science, and do you know why there is a dark period in Europe history? Well, I'm not trying to offend any religions here, but most of the scientists and new finding have been controlled by government, which at that time is highly influent from the church or other religion bodies. With all these morons sitting at high post, they do not want any discovery that may lead to threaten their high enough position. But justice will never die, if not, today maybe we still thinking that earth is the center of the universe.

Ok, back to the workaholic thing. When I said I'm wrong being workaholic because I think no one appreciate that. Put it this way, you are tackling a girl, and you work very hard to get her heart, but she just ignore you and go dating with other more richer and handsome guy, so if you continue stupidly wasting your time and resources on the girl, you are definitely wrong. Why don't try to give these to someone that really needs it and appreciates it? It should not stopping you to give the same or more amount of hard work on other girl after you have found out that your previous hard work are wasted. So, you get what I mean? Stop at correct timing, not stop forever.

A company or corporate is just a medium for you to show you ability, it shouldn't be absolute factor in your career.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Phishing email

If you receive any of these emails, please don't stupidly click on it.

1. Email from Public Bank, subject: Restore Access.
2. Email from Maybank, subject: Maybank Alert: March 2011, Security Update.
3. Email from Maybank, subject: Update Your Account Profile.

Never trust anyone else, except yourself.